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Leader Coaching

Coaching has a unique set of skills associated with it. It is different from training, organizational consulting, and even counseling. 

And yet coaching another is as old as time itself.

What skills are necessary? Is one personal type of a coach better suited to coaching? What type of experience is helpful?

Coaching Skills & Abilities

Successful management coaches have a unique set of skills and experience that make them effective.  These include:

  • Real world experience as an effective leader in a successful P&L situation.
  • A powerful ability to ask penetrating and insightful questions.
  • The ability to listen and hear what is and isn't being said.
  • An unmistakable ability to get to the real truth of a matter.
  • The skill to help one turn problems and ideas into solid plans of action.
  • The ability to build accountability that demands follow-through.
  • The willingness and ability to affirm solid effort and success.
  • The willingness to cautiously provide advice based on solid analysis and experience.

D. James & Associates

D. James & Associates provides experienced leaders with extraordinary backgrounds in leadership, finance, and sales and service to coach and improve your leaders and/or those you see moving into leadership in the near future. Our experience at D. James and Associates is real world, where we successfully led and grew organizations, oversaw the details of finance in complex organizations, and led sales and service employees to grow revenue and produce results.

Dave Erdman - the D. James of D. James & Associates is an experienced executive having run five different companies to increased revenue and profitability. To learn more about Dave click here.

The Associates that work with D. James & Associates include many experts and colleagues that Dave worked with in his 20+ year career leading Consulting and Training organizations'. They join D. James & Associates when their expertise and experience will benefit the customer and their situation.

These leader/coaches offer years of real world experience, powerful insight into the complex situations your leaders face.  They significantly influence and inspire the manner in which your leaders approach each opportunity with their people.

Coaching Research

More than ever, organizations are using management coaches to enhance performance across the enterprise by grooming high potential employees, while also supporting high-performing executives and leadership teams, according to a new study, Trends in Executive Learning: New Research Reveals Emerging Best Practices.

The research findings were released by DBM, a global outplacement, coaching, and career management firm and the Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator advancing the science of strategic talent management.

The study of nearly 500 top business and human capital leaders shows that the demand for executive mentoring services is growing due to increased credibility and demonstrated impact on the enterprise.

The vast majority of respondents (78%) view coaching as a credible and effective way to enhance an individual's effectiveness in driving the performance of an organization.

D. James & Associates Management Coaching will help one of your leaders become extraordinary.

If you know of a manager that would benefit from experienced professional Management Coaching in a fully supportive and structured manner, please call D. James & Associates at (920) 573-2857.

Please Contact Us by clicking here.