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"D. James & Associates has produced exceptional value for myself and my business partners by creating strategies and solutions based upon their talent, experience, expertise, and passion. Their insights have enabled us to approach many of our most important business processes more efficiently and profitably.

D. James & Associates has also provided many valuable product development insights and ideas. The quality of the products and services we offer our clients has been positively impacted in significant ways. We are thankful to have found DJA  and consider ourselves fortunate enough to have engaged their services."

Kristoffer Kristensen, Principle, Emerge Leadership Group

"Dave is a real professional. He is constantly looking at ways to grow and improve companies. Most consultants use numbers to advise and make decisions, but Dave and D. James & Associates go beyond the numbers. He thinks creatively and encourages you to as well. He is one of the most committed people I know. I have enjoyed working with him and will continue to do so."

Brad Federman, President, performancepoint, llc

"Dave and I have known each other through our industry association (ISA-Instructional Systems Association) for many years--and have most recently worked together on some great projects . Dave is a great strategic thinker and brings a wonderful balance of logic and creativity to all that he explores...and, in addition-Dave is a really interesting person to get to know."

Ann Herrmann, CEO, Herrmann International

D. James & Associates works with our company and has provided invaluable insight and direction in nearly every area of our business. They are very focused, engaged and have taken a personal interest in the success of our organization."

Sheldon Loar, Partner, Principle, Emerge Leadership Group

"Under Dave Erdman's leadership, Vital Learning became a serious player in the supervisory courseware industry. He updated all of Vital's core programs, adding key titles to the line-up of cutting edge courseware including: Retaining Winning Talent, Hiring Winning Talent and Leading Successful Projects. The result of his efforts helped us forge relationships that otherwise would have been lost to competitors.

He established himself as a partner to the Affiliate Network, actively helping us win business. He worked to build new and innovative ways to meet the demands of our client base. He created eZines and marketing tools to make communicating with potential clients seamless. Our firm was more committed to Vital Learning because of Dave's presence, choosing Vital from the range of other tools we could access through our tool box.

If your organization is looking for a solid business partner that will work to help you succeed, I would give D. James & Associates my highest recommendation."

Susan Stamm, Principle, The TEAM Approach®

"I worked for Dave while he was President of Behavioral Technology and BT.Novations. My experience working for these two companies led me to immediately reach out to Dave when I started Emerge Leadership Group with two other partners.

After meeting Dave, my partners and I were fully committed to retaining D. James & Associates as a consultant to help grow our business. His track record of leading many successful businesses became evident very early as he guided and coached us through marketing and sales strategies, product development, and some unplanned issues.

He has been an invaluable asset to the success of our business and I highly recommend his services to any company looking to grow in innovative ways."

Jim Wentworth, Principle, Emerge Leadership Group

"When Dave was President of Vital Learning he upgraded so many things for Affiliates, the people who sell this curriculum. In all that he did he demonstrated a very strong service-focus. He always made himself accessible to me when I had business questions and he was always interested and willing to help strategize on accounts and pricing.

Under his direction he made sure that the Affiliates had strong marketing materials and upgraded products. He thought outside the box by holding webinars that included Affiliates, giving each of us great exposure.

My experience with Dave is that he is very thoughtful and hard working. He is
passionate about the business of helping others learn and loves the art of business. He is very interesting and fun to talk to and create with - he has a wealth of knowledge and energy to share."

Suzie Price, Principal, Priceless Professional Development

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