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Skill Development

D. James & Associates offers powerful and necessary skills for exceptional performance and execution in critical areas such as Workplace Wellness, Leader Skill Development, Sales/Service Skill Development, & Emotional Intelligence.

Leading Others Legally

One area of D. James & Associates development expertise is how to lead others legally using HR Compliance approaches. This includes how to build an effective work environment that prevents sexual harassment, follows ethical behavior, and  ensures safety against workplace violence. In addition leaders need to know how to lead legally following the many state and federal guidelines and laws involved in fair management practices.

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment (Online + Classroom)
  • Fair Management Practices (Online + Classroom)
  • Business Ethics (Online + Classroom)
  • Workplace Violence Prevention (Classroom)
  • Valuing Workplace Diversity (Classroom)

Leader Skills & Strategies

Another area of D. James & Associates offerings is Leader Skills & Strategies.

Developing leaders to be successful at leading through others.  The transition from top notch individual contributor to successfully leading and engaging others is the most complex and difficult of all transitions in an individuals career. Beginning with this transition itself, we offer skills and strategies that effective leaders need along the way to becoming a winning leader of others.

  • The Leader Transition (Classroom)
  • Maximizing Employee Engagement (Classroom)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Classroom)
  • Leading People (Online + Classroom)

          - Creating a Productive Work Environment
          - Communication Skills
          - The Delegation Process
          - Four Styles of Conflict Resolution
          - A Conflict Management Process
          - The Coaching Process
          - Providing Effective Evaluation

  • Goal Oriented Time Management (Classroom)
  • Effective Interviewing Skills (Classroom)
  • Effective Communication Skills (Classroom)

Because of its experience, D. James & Associates will also help you find any other appropriate, high quality offerings you might need to address specific developmental requirements of your entire organization such as Sales Skills & Strategies, Service Skills & Strategies, and Emotional Intelligence..

All you need to do is ask us.

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