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Strategic Plan Implementation

Would you be surprised that;

  • 81% of your employees don't feel a strong level of commitment to your organizations top priorities... that's what the research suggests!  *
  • 73% of your employees don't think your organizations goals are translated into specific work they can execute... that's what the research suggests!  *
  • 70% of workers don't know what to do to support their companies strategy

             * based on research in "Fake Work", Simon & Schuster, 2009

The truth is that the strategy that you worked so hard on with your management team is NOT alive and well on down in the ranks. The strategy you put so much effort into is NOT well understood at lower levels of your organization.

The research shows that even if that strategy is understood on down in the organization it is NOT defined specifically enough, communicated well and often enough, and regularly inspected in such a way that your employees know specifically what to do to support that strategy!

D. James & Associates will help you drive the meaning, reality, and necessary actions for achieving your strategy on down to the front line.

We clarify it, make it actionable, and move it down through the organization in a structured positive method so that your entire organization is working effectively together toward the same goal.

The objective is to have everyone in your organization pulling together toward the same outcome.

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