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  • 50% of Business Start Ups fail because they do not know how to properly execute a start up. 
  • Then, if and when they actually begin operating, 50% more fail because they run out of cash when they do not know how to run a business properly and profitably.
  • 70% of workers don't know what to do to support their companies strategy
  • 87% of employees are not satisfied with the results of their work! *

  • 68% of employees do not feel that the goals of their work group are translated into real meaningful priorities!  *
  • 81% of your employees don't feel a strong level of commitment to your organizations top priorities!  *

             * based on research in "Fake Work", Simon & Schuster, 2009


Working collaboratively with D. James & Associates your organization will be able to successfully address these gaps and enable individuals and teams to achieve your organization's strategy and achieve the goals you have built a plan for.

Strategy Plan Implementation

D. James & Associates enables your total organization, top to bottom, to not only understand your strategy, but also translate it into specific actions to execute the plan, which you can and will inspect and measure.

Together we will build a structured program that supports the implementation of your strategy. Please check out our Strategic Plan Implementation by clicking here to see more.

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Leader Coaching

D. James & Associates will help you accelerate your leader success. Employees new to leadership, and those with years of experience will see how to effectively lead others to gain the success and teamwork needed.

The transition from outstanding individual contributor to leading through others continues to be the single most complex and difficult transition that anyone will make in their career. 

Many individuals never successfully make this transition although they seem to possess all the talent. Please see our Management Coaching practice to lean more about how we can help your leaders become more effective by clicking here.

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Skill Development

D. James & Associates develops much needed skills & strategies in all types of employees, particularly leaders, new, potential, and experienced. 

We offer extraordinary development solutions in the areas of Leader Skills & Strategies, and help in the ability to lead legally through HR Compliance programs such as Preventing Sexual Harassment, Fair Management Practices, Business Ethics, etc.  Please see our Skill Development by clicking here.

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D. James & Associates

Improving Employee Performance is the mission of               D. James & Associates.  We provide extraordinary insight into leadership, sales, and service skills and strategies.  We are able to improve the performance of your people and your organization.

D. James & Associates has real world experience and just as important, actual P&L experience.

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